Wednesday, January 18, 2017


MANW2017, Week 3

Wednesday, Week 3:

I fell down this week. I let the dark waters get in and drag me into a patch of Sargasso that did not want to let me go. It held me fast for quite some time until I realized that it was all in my mind.

It always has been.

The framework in how I was seeing my attempts was skewed. I was falling into the trap of comparison again. Where I am on my path is not the same place as you. It is not the same place as anyone else.

It is mine, alone.

Somewhere in the darkness, I came upon a brief realization that it does not matter how many fans I have. It does not matter if I gain or lose followers. It does not matter the count. Only the quality.

So, here I am after 18 days with only 10 days of work towards the movement. The point? I have 10 days of work out of 18. While technically failing in the terms of grades, I would still hold that 55% is better than 0%.

My path is mine alone. Others may join me for a time, but it is only because their path aligns with mine temporarily. It is up to me to keep pushing my bar and my envelope. No one is going to do this for me. I am deserved of nothing. I am owed no recognition of my efforts. That is not my goal in this movement.

These may not be your realizations or rallying cries. These are, however, mine.